HRNET is designed for the way you work

Dynamic Software for Dynamic Environments

Social tools, analytics, and mobile devices are pushing innovation in the enterprise like never before. We are witnessing the birth of a new generation of enterprise applications that truly work the way people work. Defined by the logic of human functionality, this modern software is intuitive, stimulating highly efficient performance. Proven experience in a real life.

All in one

All employee data and history data within one database. All Human Resources processes integrated within the same application! No need for additional excel sheets or other handmade resources. This compact and uniformed basket of data helps you handle information with ease. HRNET is a comprehensive tool that will increase your efficiency with less effort and costs.

Focus on user experience

HRNET is simple and compliant with your organizational culture, which is essential for fine tuning business processes and user roles. HRNET is currently used in more than 14 countries and diverse industry verticals, influencing the development of different HRNET versions available on today’s market. More about our product versions, you can find in our reference or product list.


Tracking local laws and legislation, and supporting their implementation in local versions of HRNET is our task! Our payroll consultants gain high level professional knowledge in the parameters defined by legislation, in order to provide “first hand” maintenance and customer support service for our customers.

Cost Cutting

Built-in control features will help you identify excess costs before they get out. Use recalculation or reorganization simulations to be sure you’re on the right track with your business objectives! Reduce extra hours spent on administrative tasks through computerized creation of KPI reports and diverse analyses. Ensure your most expensive people use their working hours for core business tasks!

Self Service – Role based access

One entry point for administration, control, management, decision making – separate views, connected results! HRNET is a unique source for diverse user types, from HR professionals, assistants, and other employees, to top management and board members! Easy access to diverse choices. Everyone benefits from role-based access!


HRNET is multilingual on the level of user interface and data content within the application – select your language at the login screen and use the application in your native speaking language. Currently HRNET supports English, German, Russian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian and Macedonian language.

In front of innovation

HRNET designers and engineers strive to create user experience that follows three principles: get in, get it done, and get out. Simplicity is the overarching premise. HRNET applications are simple enough for casual users, yet robust enough for power users.

Friendly look & feel

HRNET looks and works like your favorite consumer web site. With a minimal amount of training, every type of end user — from managers, assistants, employees — adapts quickly to HRNET. Welcome to a new degree of user-friendly and efficient experience!

You can host your HRNET in the cloud


With HRNET efficiency is achieved through simplicity. All information is in one place and software updates are simultaneous for all clients, all costs are easily trackable. 

Multi-tenancy matters

With every customer on the same version of HRNET Cloud updates are synchronized and individual inputs contribute to mutual progress. No customer is left behind. 

Cloud Cost Control

HRNET Cloud allows you to have full control of costs. With a SaaS model, you pay as you go, with maintenance and customer support included in your subscription.

Green HR

HRNET Cloud is inherently green. Centralized data reduces energy consumption. Multi-tenant architecture uses computing resources efficiently. HRNET Cloud contributes to the mission for a better global carbon balance.

HRNET works on Mobile devices

Real time

HRNET Mobile gives you all the tools you need to stay connected to your business. Gain access to drillable reports and analytics such as Global Headcount, Turnover, Average Time to Fill Positions, and Compensation Analysis. Or use Notebooks to create dashboards that contain a collection of related worker profiles and analytics for quick and easy access later.

At the beach? Why not.

Organizations in all industries have embraced mobile applications. Transform the way you do your business with HRNET Mobile features. Mobile application enables you to keep track and update tasks outside of the office and away from the computer. Location constrains are no longer an obstacle.


The simple interface of HRNET lets you easily browse the company directory, securely view your team of individual profiles, and check status of critical processes. View your personalized notification stream and complete tasks that require your attention, such as a holiday approval, job or compensation change, performance feedback, or other actions.

Tasks on the go

Quickly conduct administrative tasks—view or request time off, capture expenses, enter time worked, or review a payslip—without disrupting your day. Get in, get out, and get on with your day. Save time and become more efficient with less effort.

Innovative Technology

Built for speed

HRNET powerful applications get you the information you need at a moment’s notice. Your work day will never be the same, and you will find yourself quickly and efficiently doing tasks which used to be tiresome and seemed to take forever.

Object based software

HRNET applications are built utilizing an object-oriented structure. What’s this mean? Simply put, data is defined by objects that represent real-world entities—employees, benefits, budgets, organizations, etc. Instead of maintaining complex relationships in thousands of tables, data relationships are between objects, enabling high flexibility to the system. This allows HRNET to provide you innovation at unprecedented speed.

Smart loading

With traditional systems, applications must be either optimized for transactions or reporting. This is why separate reporting systems exist. The object model eliminates this burden for HRNET. By placing the data objects in-memory, HRNET is delivering unmatched response times for the user experience, rapid access to reports, and drill-down capabilities on the same data as the transactions.

Fast, Live Development

HRNET innovates much faster than traditional vendors do. In HRNET applications, the object model is defined as metadata. This allows HRNET developers to build and change features without having to restructure the underlying database. Because HRNET can change at its core, every HRNET application is ready to adapt quickly to changes in the industry.


Trully Global

HRNET Group unique global architecture allows you to integrate and consolidate data and to see details of your global organization. It helps you align work to accomplish strategic objectives and optimize your performance around the world. You can be confident HRNET Group will grow with your organization as you expand your global footprint.

Architected for the World

HRNET Group provides best practices for complex global processes and supports local organizational requirements. Users can model all types of organizations that exist around the world and manage worker and financial information in multiple languages, currencies, and formats.

Manage Everyone, Everywhere

Gain insight into your global workforce, through real-time, actionable analytics. Establish compensation packages that consider job-related costs worldwide. And with easy-to-use and globally consistent performance and talent management processes, you can improve efficiency while minimizing costs and risk.

We understand global Financials

Gain global access and real-time visibility into the performance of your business. Built on a global core, HRNET Group offers visibility into the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are most meaningful to your business. The financial and regulatory landscape is constantly in flow. Use HRNET Group application that easily adapts to these changes, locally and globally.

Your Data – Actionable

Actionable Insight

From Day 1, you get a more complete picture of your organization. Gain access to relevant data in context. Take immediate action. Achieve meaningful results. That’s actionable insight. And it’s seamlessly available throughout the HRNET suite of features.

It’s real-time, actionable, and drillable.

Access real-time, multi-dimensional reports and analytics with the ability to drill down to transaction-level details. And then take immediate action in HRNET directly off any report or analytic.

Built-in insight.

HRNET uses an in-memory object model. Simply put, HRNET defines data as objects rather than relational tables. This makes it possible to build, and drill into, analytics reports quickly and “in memory” rather than accessing data from a separate system. HRNET’s technology infrastructure is the reason actionable analytics are built into HRNET. It’s really that simple.

Your business data, always within reach.

Actionable analytics need to be user-friendly and easy to access. Accessing real-time information should be as simple as shopping online. And business insight should be at the point of decision—even on your iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device. Get relevant business insight on your terms.


Change is Good

When your organization evolves, you want your applications to evolve too. That’s why configurability is so important. When your organization can quickly adapt to internal or external changes, you’re ahead of the game.

Configurability for maximum flexibility.

Organizations are in a constant state of change. That’s why HRNET is designed to be configurable. HRNET is not only configurable for your entire organization, it’s also configurable in different ways for different parts of a company. HRNET uniquely meets the needs of an individual group, business unit, department, or country. And because all these configurations are made by the user rather than IT, you save valuable resources and budget for other projects.

Your company. Your way.

With HRNET, you can tailor application to match the unique needs of your organization. Preserve your corporate culture with the ability to re-label terms, or track additional data that is important to your business—all without jeopardizing future updates.

Your organization the way you want it

HRNET gives your company the flexibility to change its organizational structure easily. It allows you to move people around in the system—all without coding. Reorganizations are a snap and done on the fly. Create new divisions, rearrange cost-center structures, or move reporting relationships from one group to another.

Business processes that reflect your business

Every organization has specific needs. HRNET Business Process Framework is suitable for processes reconfiguration whenever and wherever you need. And all of these changes happen in real time to keep your business moving.



We are committed to the highest standards. Have confidence that your sensitive data is protected by rock-solid physical, network, application, and data-level security. We are committed to the highest security standards. Have confidence that your sensitive data is protected by rock-solid physical, network, application, and data-level security.

Secure your Data

HRNET does not allow direct database access. Every access requests routed through the business logic. With HRNET, all attribute values in the database and backups are uniquely encrypted.


Fully Connected

Connectivity to other applications and resources is critical. We make it simple to build, deploy, manage, and evolve integrations over time. It’s never been easier to connect your world.

Apps do not live alone

Applications rarely live in isolation. It’s a real need to enable your applications to talk to and exchange data with other applications. Whether you want a simple data import/export or more complex multi-step integration flows, HRNET’s platform provides the tools to simplify integrations. The best part? All your integrations are hosted by HRNET, freeing you from the burden of managing and maintaining separate infrastructures.

A community of collaboration.

Sharing and collaboration are present between HRNET customers. Every customer benefits from the knowledge of fellow customers. And HRNET benefits from each projects, taking the best solutions to the next version.