HRNET – Premium HR software.

Work smarter, faster and better with Human Resource Management System


Track the employee life cycle in one system

Implement best HR practices


Improve employee performance


Plan and control your costs









One Stop Shop

All employee data and all HR management processes in one system


One system with multiple user roles: HR professionals, Managers and employees

Proven solutions

Choose between HRNET Cloud, Standard, Enterprise or Group versions


  • We are launching a data-encryption project for HRNET Payroll module in Atlantic Brands.

    Our HRNET application is now HTML5 compliant. With this technology upgrade you have better user experience and use the application in any web browser.

Our Computer Programmers Are HR Experts.

We are the only company in the region that brings together the largest number of IT professionals who are also experienced human resource consultants.


We saved more than a 100 work hours on reports and communication, after we implemented HRNET software 2 months ago.

Sanja Foder

It is extremely valuable that we could trust HRPRO with their absolute professionalism and simply enjoy the results. Since its implementation, HRNET has improved the efficiency of our work and we are very pleased.

Manuela Klein

With its automated services HRNET has saved us a lot of time, helping us to avoid the usual mistakes that result from manual work. HRPRO staff has been very supportive, providing us with quick and accurate responses, and easing our work greatly!

Božica Antunović

What's in it for me?

You speed up complex HR processes, make quality decisions and boost your business.


„„We want to make our life a little easier“ is in a top three goals when implementing HRIS. With HRNET you get support, you work faster and you are more effective.


Your business is in accordance with legislation, you have information security, security from hacker attackts and secured work with sensitive data.


Our software is flexible and adaptable, so we adopt your way of work and implement it into the software. Advanced HRNET modules are the best examples of custom software.


Integrate all business processes and applications within a single system. It's an all-in-one system with real-time integration where everybody is looking in the same database.


Users have limited access to the application, you can control their scope of activity and authority. There are 4 different access and rights combinations in our Self Service System.


You don't have to search reports and database on a daily basis to find out when you need to do something. HRNET reminds you, sends you notifications and keeps you up-to-date.

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